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My Fine Art/Faux Art

I was commissioned by Healing Revolutions Wellness Spa to paint this mural on the wall of one of their massage rooms. Cy Sugita chose the image and I transposed it onto the wall and added a few embellishments to make it unique. I used common wall paint and acrylics to paint this mural. It took me 26 hours.

Watch the transformation as I take step by step photos each day I painted the mural.

Through the years I have painted and drawn many subjects. Some for family members, others for commission. I have samples of only a few of my fine art works to share, but feel gratified to know my artwork is spread all over the United States.
What I love about painting is taking a blank surface and turning it into something that looks 3 dimensional. These are examples of how I have been able to transform a blank wall into a space that takes you to a different place.
Just a sample of my art. To see more or discuss possible work >>
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